This contains mainly silly songs.

Tracks Edit

  1. Ain't It Great To Be Crazy (Pop)
  2. Join in the Game (pop)
  3. Skunk Hole (Hip Hop)
  4. Nobody Likes Me (Hip Hop)
  5. Hinky Dinky, Double D Farm (Rock)
  6. Risseldy rosseldy (Pop)
  7. Austrian Yodeler (Pop)
  8. Ay Ay Ay Ay (Pop)
  9. The Crocodile (Pop)
  10. 6 Little Ducks (Country)
  11. I'm a Nut (Rock)
  12. The Horse Stood Around (Country)
  13. Bunny FooFoo (Pop)
  14. Fiddle I Fee (Country)
  15. 15-28 are split tracks. Music LEFT, singing RIGHT.

Kids' Superstar Singers Edit

Mary and Libby Hodges

Erin Williams

Emily Elkins

Allison, Evan and Susie Smith

Emily Estes

Lisa Harper

Laurie Evans

Matt Oxley

Kyle Keith

Mallory and Grant Howard

Jasmine and Wayne Gunn

Tiff Herndanez

Tiffany and Olivia Goddard